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All of our crawlspace foundation repair methods are proven to resolve moisture issues and concerns.

When your home was constructed, a concrete slab was poured beneath the lowest level to prevent moisture from moving from the soil into your living space. If the lowest part of your home is the crawlspace, the foundation typically sits just beneath this area of the structure. Foundational damage is a problem that many property owners deal with, and it can impact the safety and condition of your crawlspace. If your foundation becomes cracked or otherwise damaged, moisture can move through those cracks, causing issues with mold growth and water damage, as well as a risk of structural concerns.

Crawlspace Foundation Repair in Clemmons, North Carolina

At Brown Pest Control, one of the services we offer is crawlspace foundation repair. You may wonder how this service connects with pest control, but the condition of your crawlspace is linked to the risk of pests in your home, so these services go hand-in-hand. When you contact us, we’ll send one of our experienced and trained technicians to assess your crawlspace and look at the extent of the damage to your foundation. From there, we’ll come up with a plan to repair any damage and go through the options with you. All of our crawlspace foundation repair methods are proven to resolve moisture issues and concerns.

This service may also include crawlspace waterproofing, which creates a sealed space that reduces the risk of problems in the future. Waterproofing can also resolve issues associated with poor energy efficiency, insect infestations, insulation damage, and other concerns. We offer crawlspace foundation repair to those located throughout Clemmons, North Carolina and the surrounding cities, so call us today to learn more.

At Brown Pest Control, we offer crawlspace foundation repair services in Winston-Salem, Rural Hall, King, Danbury, Pfafftown, Lewisville, Clemmons, Mocksville, Advance, Lexington, High Point, and Kernersville, North Carolina.

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