3 Benefits of Using Our Safe Professional Bee Control

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Here at Brown Pest Control, we understand that a bee problem can be more than annoying. Bees can be hazardous, and to people with allergies or past traumatic experiences, they can be terrifying. Seeing an occasional bee on your property is typically not problematic, but when there is a hive of bees you suspect to be taking up residence in your home, you’ll want to take action quickly. Trying to eradicate the bees yourself may not be effective and may be hazardous to you and unnecessarily harmful to the bees. If you’re having problems with bees, we highly recommend you call us for professional bee control.

3 Benefits of Using Our Safe Professional Bee Control

When you call us for bee control, instead of exterminating, we’ll try to relocate the bees. This is beneficial for many reasons:

  1. Our environment: Bees play a critical role in our environment. By exterminating bees, we lose the benefit of their assistance in pollination, helping our plants to grow and flourish.
  2. Other bees: If there are leftover honey stores that have been contaminated from insecticide, other bees may find the honey and unknowingly transfer the contaminated storage back to their hives.
  3. Your home: Decaying or infected honey can get left in walls where it can attract other pests or bleed through and stain your walls. Our professional bee relocation service will remove the bees and their hive so that no evidence remains, and we can prevent them from returning.

We are proud to be a pest control provider that cares about you as well as the wildlife with whom we coexist. When you come to us for bee control, we know you’ll be pleased with the level of respect and professionalism you experience from our team members. Give us a call today to learn more about our safe bee control strategies.