3 Reasons to Consider Crawlspace Leveling

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While crawl spaces seem like an inconsequential part of your home, their foundational inconsistencies can gradually compound your moisture control problems. Not only will this affect your property’s structural integrity, but it can also cause pest control problems. In this blog, we’ll highlight three reasons why it may be the right time to consider crawlspace leveling.

3 Reasons to Consider Crawlspace Leveling

  1. Manage Humidity. One of the main benefits of crawlspace leveling is it helps keep humidity within suitable levels. When crawlspaces sink and become uneven, they disrupt airflow and ventilation, leading to excess moisture buildup. This damp environment allows mold and mildew growth, which impacts air quality while inviting pests like termites.
  2. Minimize Water Intrusion. Water enters low crawl spaces through openings and cracks, creating puddles that attract moisture and pests. By leveling your crawlspace, you eliminate sunken areas where water can pool. Proper leveling also encourages water runoff away from your crawl space, ensuring it remains dry. In the long run, this will deter pest infestations.
  3. Provide a Level Surface for Installing a Vapor Barrier. Vapor barriers are critical components for moisture control in crawlspaces. However, they can be difficult to install properly over uneven, sagging dirt floors since they’ll leave gaps for moisture intrusion. Crawlspace leveling creates a flat, consistent surface for securing a tight-fitting vapor barrier.

At Brown Pest Control, we are proud to offer crawlspace leveling and other repair services to homeowners. If you’ve recently noticed any signs of a sinking crawlspace and need some professional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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