Cockroach Control: Weird Facts About These Pesky Critters

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They scuttle across your kitchen counters, hide in the darkest corners of your home, and seem to multiply faster than you can say ‘cockroach.’ Yes, we’re talking about those persistent intruders that have plagued households for centuries.

Cockroach Control: Weird Facts About These Pesky Critters

Beyond their nuisance factor, cockroaches possess a fascinating array of attributes that contribute to their survival. Get ready to discover several fascinating truths behind these pesky critters and gain valuable knowledge for effective cockroach control.

  • They can survive without food for a month. Consequently, trying to starve them out is not a foolproof strategy. Moreover, they can survive on a wide range of food sources, including crumbs on your kitchen floor or even the leftovers in your pet’s bowl.
  • They are really fast and can run at almost 3 miles an hour. Their remarkable agility allows them to quickly scurry away when they sense danger, making it even harder to catch them.
  • German cockroaches mature in just 36 Days. This rapid life cycle contributes to their ability to multiply rapidly and establish cockroach infestations in a short amount of time.
  • They can hold their breath for over 40 minutes. These critters can survive in submerged areas such as drains and pipes, making it difficult to completely eliminate them without thorough cockroach control measures.

How Do You Counter Them?

Effective cockroach control requires a multi-faceted approach. Start off by sealing off any cracks or openings that could serve as entry points. Next, always maintain a clean and clutter-free environment, paying special attention to areas where you store or prepare food. Also, make a habit of regularly emptying and cleaning garbage bins, as they are a primary food source for cockroaches.

And as always, if the infestation persists or you simply can’t bear their creepy sight in your kitchen, we advise you to seek our professional cockroach control services here at Brown Pest Control. We’ll help you create and implement a tailored plan to tackle these critters comprehensively. Get in touch with us today.

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