Crawlspace Repair to the Rescue! How to Fix These Common Crawlspace Problems.

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Many of us have homes that are built on crawlspaces. Unlike a slab construction, your crawlspace is built on a slab that is ever so slightly elevated off the ground, leaving you with a space under your house that is just big enough to crawl through (hence the name). Crawlspaces are a great way to have easy access to a lot of your home’s major systems, but a crawlspace can also find itself hosting more than just your plumbing an HVAC system. The nature of a crawlspace can often leave you with pests, rodents, wildlife and even mold. Here are a few crawlspace repairs that we here at Brown Pest Control are able to help you with.

elatively simple crawlspace repair

When the moisture from the ground evaporates into the air, it often is stuck within the crawlspace. This moisture over time can soften the wood, leading to a tasty meal for termites and burrowing insects like carpenter ants who can feed for quite some time without your home showing any symptoms.  Additionally, soft wood leads to easier tunneling for rodents both large and small, and can invite mold as well. With the addition of a moisture control system in your crawlspace, you can easily prevent these issues. This is a relatively simple crawlspace repair that we are happy to help with in addition to the issues that may have arisen due to the excessive moisture.

If you find yourself in need of crawlspace repairs, please give us a call here at Brown Pest Control. We would love the opportunity to help make your crawlspace clean, temperate and safe once more.