Mice Multiply Fast! Don’t Put Off Rodent Control

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Mice may look like small, harmless creatures, but because they can reproduce quickly, they can rapidly turn a small problem into a big one. There are several reasons why you shouldn’t put off rodent control.

Mice Multiply Fast! Don’t Put Off Rodent Control

  • They Multiply in Less Than a Month. Mice only carry their babies for 19 to 21 days, and they can have up to 14 babies at once. A single pair of breeding mice can produce hundreds of offspring in a short amount of time.
  • Mice Carry Diseases. Mice can spread diseases like hantavirus, salmonella, and leptospirosis, which are very dangerous to people’s and pets’ health. Without proper rodent control, you are exposed to all kinds of contaminants.
  • Damage to Property. Mice like to chew on electrical lines, insulation, and wood, which can cause fire hazards and structural damage to buildings.

What We Can Do for You

At Brown Pest Control, we have a comprehensive approach to rodent control that includes an initial inspection to find out how bad the problem is. We then develop customized treatment plans that use methods that are both safe and efficient. We also conduct follow-up visits to make sure the problem has been completely fixed.

Mice have a lot of babies quickly, so you need to get rid of them right away to avoid health risks and property damage. We have effective ways to get rid of rat and mouse problems so your home stays a safe and comfortable place to live. Don’t wait to get rid of rodents – call us today to schedule an inspection.