Mice & Professional Wildlife Control: What You Need to Know

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Contrary to what many cartoons might have you believe, mice are not cute, helpful creatures that will come to assist you with household chores. In fact, the opposite is true! While their cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, the fact remains that they create more work for you, not less. With their penchant for nibbling on wires and cause other home damages and their ability to spread diseases that can be transmitted to humans, you need wildlife control professionals like ours here at Brown Pest Control to help you out if you have mice on your property!

Mice & Professional Wildlife Control: What You Need to Know

At the first sighting or sign of mice, you should contact our experts at Brown Pest Control for our wildlife control experts to take care of your mice. While it might seem excessive to call in experts at the first sign, mice can multiply at an alarming rate, and it’s essential to get all of them out of your home at the first sighting. Even if you believe you have caught the culprit, it is a near certainty that where there is one mouse seen, there are several more lurking unseen. Furthermore, with a female mouse being able to reproduce 5-10 litters per year (they have year-round breeding abilities) and with an average of 8-10 babies per litter, your mouse problem can grow exponentially by a factor of 10 in as little as three months!

Whether you have seen one mouse or just evidence of a rodent presence, please don’t wait- contact our team at Brown Pest Control to handle your wildlife control problem with mice as soon as possible.

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