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Racoons are common in many areas of the country and can even be found in areas that are more suburban rather than rural. If you have a racoon or family of racoons on your property, you will often see the signs of their invasion rather than the animals themselves. Overturned garbage cans are often the first sign, but certainly won’t be the last. Here at Brown Pest Control, we want to help you with pest control problems both small and racoon-sized! Here are a few tips for racoon control you can use to protect your home from these night bandits.

Racoon Control & Prevention Tips from the Experts

First, do not leave food out of any kind! Racoons are foraging scavengers, which means they aren’t too picky about their food choices. If you have food in the garbage, they will uncap and hunt through your garbage. If you leave pet food out for an outdoor cat, they will eat that and then come looking for the whole bag! Your garbage cans should have a lid (with a clamp, if possible- racoons have nimble fingers), and they should be emptied often and kept inside a garage if possible.

Second, don’t make your yard easy to access. High fences, trees that have been trimmed away from your house and proper locks and seals will make it hard, if not impossible, for these climbers to find a way into your yard and home.

Finally, know when to call in professionals. Racoons can be rather large animals (often the size of a large cat) and will get aggressive with people. Our racoon control team knows how to safely extract these animals from your home or yard without the worry of bites, scratches or spreading of diseases.

For questions about racoon control, please contact us at Brown Pest Control today.

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