Racoon Control: Why You Can’t Get Rid of Trash Pandas Yourself

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Raccoons, often referred to as “trash pandas,” may seem cute and harmless, but they can pose serious risks to your property and health. You may want to try to evict these pests yourself, but DIY raccoon control fails every time.

Racoon Control: Why You Can’t Get Rid of Trash Pandas Yourself

The Illusion of DIY Solutions

Many homeowners attempt to tackle raccoon problems themselves, using repellents and traps. However, these DIY measures often prove ineffective. Using household items such as ammonia or mothballs doesn’t work since raccoons are adaptable creatures and often simply ignore the repellants. Ultrasonic devices don’t always work either, for similar reasons.

Signs of Infestation

A big clue that raccoons have invaded your yard is knocked-over trash cans along with tracks, droppings, and strange sounds like mewing, whistling, and growling. If you notice these signs, it’s time to act.

Professional Help: The Humane Way

Ignoring a raccoon problem can lead to significant damage because it can destroy your lawn, transmit diseases, and even pose a threat to small children and pets. At Brown Pest Control, we use humane methods of raccoon control. Our professionals use live traps and relocate the raccoons to a safer environment, and they also seal entry points to prevent future infestations. We can create a plan to make your property less alluring to these annoying and adorable pests.

Raccoon control is not as simple as it seems; DIY methods often fail, and the problem can escalate if not dealt with promptly. Professional help is not just effective but also humane, ensuring that raccoons are removed without harm. So, if you’re struggling with a raccoon problem, it might be time to call us today.

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