Rental Properties: Who is Responsible for Pest Control?

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Pest control in rental properties is a topic that often causes confusion and contempt between owners and tenants. Knowing who controls bug control can save people time, money, and stress. Usually, landlords are responsible for pest control services. Before a new renter moves in, the place should be free of bugs and other pests. Long-term or structural bug problems, like termites or rodents, are taken care of by landlords.

Rental Properties: Who is Responsible for Pest Control?

Tenants may have to pay for bug control if an infestation is caused by something they did. For example, if the tenant doesn’t keep the place clean or leaves food out, which brings in pests, the renter may have to pay to get rid of the pests.

How Brown Pest Control Helps Property Owners

We start by doing a full inspection of the property to find any pest problems that are already there. This lets the owner know what needs to be fixed before the property can be rented out.

  • Pest Control Plans Made Just for You. After the inspection, we make a pest control plan unique to the property and address its problems. This makes sure that the effects are good and last a long time.
  • Upkeep Regularly. We offer monthly maintenance services to keep bugs from coming back. This is especially helpful for owners because it keeps the property in good shape and makes it more appealing to people who want to rent it.
  • Getting Paperwork. We give thorough reports after each service, which can help landlords if they fight tenants over who is responsible for pest control.

If you know who oversees bug control in a rental property, you can avoid arguments and make sure it is a good place to live. We offer landlords a full range of services suited to their needs, making the process easy and effective. Contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your rental home free of pests.

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