Steps You Can Take to Improve Moisture Control in Your Home

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Moisture is an issue in many homes in and near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, as well as throughout the United States. Most of this excess moisture comes from living in a humid climate, like here in the Southeast. Summers are hot and humid, and while humidity levels drop in the winter, they are still higher than those found in many places. Normal household activities add moisture to the indoor environment as well. These include cooking, bathing or showering, drying clothes in the laundry room and running the dishwasher. Moisture control is key to counteracting these activities.

Steps You Can Take to Improve Moisture Control in Your Home

Excess moisture in your home is a big deal because it can promote the growth of mold and mildew, especially in spaces like your basement, your attic, your kitchen, your laundry room and your bathrooms. Moisture also makes it easier for pests to infest your home. For proper moisture control, controlling the humidity is key. This might involve investing in dehumidifiers for damp spaces. For maximum efficiency, consider purchasing Energy Star units and trying to keep your home’s humidity between 30% and 50%.

Other steps you can take to improve moisture control include fixing leaks and drippy faucets, running your heating and cooling systems regularly and investing in better doors and windows that keep outdoor humidity where it belongs. Caulking and weatherstripping can also help, as can installing and using exhaust fans in rooms like the kitchen and bathrooms. If you have a crawlspace and are trying to improve your home’s moisture control, you may also want to consider crawlspace encapsulation. This provides moisture control by preventing moisture from the soil from entering the space.

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