These DIY Solutions are Not Your “Bee-st” Idea for Bee Control

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While we like the byproducts that bees produce (honey, anyone?), there aren’t many people who enjoy being stung or invaded by these little creatures. When you have a few bees who like to visit your flower garden, that is one thing, but when you have a hive located somewhere on or within your property, that is when you need the professionals here at Brown Pest Control to handle your bee control. While there are a few DIY solutions for bee control, we strongly urge you to avoid them in favor of professional services. Consider the following DIY solutions.

These DIY Solutions are Not Your “Bee-st” Idea for Bee Control

  1. The soda bottle trap. This bee control solution is deceiving because it appears to work- especially at first. Creating a soda bottle with an inverted cylinder inside and a sugary sweet bait will draw bees in and not allow them to easily find their way out. However, this often just kills off a few of the many bees, making it a temporary fix rather than fixing the root cause.
  2. Vacuuming out the hive. There are bee control tips out there that suggest you use a shop vac to vacuum the hive and then place the hive in a plastic tarp in the sun. Please do not do this! Bees become agitated with low-level sounds like vacuums, lawn mowers, footsteps, etc., and will fight and sting to protect themselves. Not only is this method dangerous, it is often ineffective.
  3. Seal off exterior exits for hives hiding in walls. If you have a beehive in the walls of your home, you might think that blocking the access to the outside will eventually starve the bees. The truth is that bees are smart and resourceful: if one exit is blocked, they will find another one- perhaps through the interior of your home this time!

For successful bee control methods that are safe and effective, give us a call today here at Brown Pest Control.

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