Why We Use Baiting for Long-Term Termite Control

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Here at Brown Pest Control, we often use termite baiting as a method of long-term termite control. Termite baiting is a newer option for termite control, so it is often unfamiliar to the homeowners we serve in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. First, let’s talk about why termite control is so important. Termites are one of the most common wood destroying insects we encounter. They can harm the structure of your home to the point that it is no longer safe to live there. Termites live in large colonies deep underground and the colonies can be very hard to find, let alone eradicate. That’s why termite baiting is an effective long-term strategy. You don’t have to find the colony. They just need to find the bait traps and take the slow-acting insecticide back to share with their nest mates.

Why We Use Baiting for Long-Term Termite Control

Termite baits are constructed of cellulose (woody substance) and a slow-acting insecticide that inhibits their growth process. This keeps the termites alive long enough to take the poison back to the colony and share it with others. The baits are installed under the ground where termites forage and feed. Generally, they are placed all around your home, about 3 feet from the foundation and about 15 feet apart. The baits are placed in hollow plastic cylinders with the cover flush to the surface of the soil. This allows us to come back and restock the baits periodically.

This type of termite control does not instantly solve your termite problem, but it is very effective at reducing the number of termites in the area around your home long-term. It does require occasional inspection, monitoring and rebaiting visits.


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