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Bed bugs have been a growing problem the past few years, but with our bed bug control solutions, your problem will be gone!

Your overnight guests just happened to stay last at a hotel that had a bed bug problem. Your children had sleepover guests who last used their backpack or suitcase on a family vacation and brought home some hitchhiking bed bugs. You returned from a trip or even spent a few hours at a friend’s house that didn’t even know they had bed bugs. Any of these are potential scenarios that can result in you needing bed bug control services at your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home. Contrary to popular belief, any hotel can be the source for bed bugs, even 5-star ones! The solution is to call us at Brown Pest Control if you suspect bed bugs are the reason for the small bites you find each morning.

Bed Bug Control in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

When you contact us for bed bug control, we start with a comprehensive inspection of your home to determine if you do, in fact, have a bed bug problem, as well as check for other pests you might not have realized are living rent-free in your home. We can then set you up with a plan that effectively eliminates those pests and rodents from your home. We often find that the best solution for complete peace of mind is our quarterly pest control service. It takes care of what is in your home and provides a barrier to reduce or eliminate the chance of new trespassers. If you have any problems surface between visits, just let us know and we’ll resolve them at no additional cost to you.

In addition, unlike other pest control companies that offer bed bug control and other services, we don’t charge high initial service fees. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or we’ll give you your money back! Contact us today to learn more.